Basic Riding Lesson Program

Alishia Cook on Mister

Photo by Shari McLaughlin
FarmHill is proud to offer a lesson program for introductory and returning riders that focuses on basic equitation. The program is conducted by Alishia Cook , the protégée of our lead trainer, Rebecca Buehler (see Dressage and Jumping pages). Alishia employs an instruction style that is kind, careful, and effective, and she emphasizes safety in every element of her teaching.

So make your dream a reality! Develop or refresh your riding skills in a safe and welcoming environment, using a fun and systematic approach that is set at your own pace. Flexible lesson times are available to accommodate your busy schedule. Please email Alishia or call her at (503) 568-3436 to set up a lesson.

Who is Alishia Cook?

Alishia Cook

Alishia began her career as an equine professional in her freshman year of high school, when she took on a job as a rehabilitator of rescued horses. Her work entailed gentling wild mustangs, starting and re-starting young and rescued horses (often the victims of former mistreatment), and rehabilitative ground work with troubled horses.

After ten years in rescue/rehab work, Alishia embarked on her training in Pony Club, attaining her HB rating, and developing her own horse, Mister, in jumping and dressage for the past ten years. Currently, she is working as Rebecca Buehler’s assistant trainer at FarmHill, with a special emphasis on helping adults who wish to return to horses and riding in their mature years. Alishia says, “Classical dressage is my love, but you can't beat flying over a jump with your horse. I believe in developing confidence, understanding, and skill in both horse and rider, by means of exercises that are appropriate for both.”

Alishia offers FarmHill the benefits of her combined skills as a jump and dressage rider, trainer and teacher, and her expertise in all aspects of equine care. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have Alishia as a member of our FarmHill training team!

Alishia Cook teaching

Photo by Amber Medina

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